Scope of Application

The multi-functional CROSSMOBIL Shelter is proved in different fields of operation:

Mobile Emergency Medical Hospital, Mobile Medical Units

Characteristics: highly mobile (off-road condition), rapid deployment, fully self-sufficient function, modular connectable design for different task and seizes, surgery shelter mainly in expandable version.

Mobile Communication

(Radar and radio station, air traffic control centre etc.)
Characteristics: mobile (off-road condition), mainly self-sufficient, air-condition system, power and signal entries, shielding requirements, antenna systems.

Mobile Command Post

Characteristics: mobile (off-road-condition), mainly self-sufficient, air-condition system, Power and signal entries, antenna systems, EMI protection.

Mobile workshop, laboratory

Characteristics: mobile (off-road condition), mainly self-sufficient, store and working space.

Mobile Infrastructure

Such as power supply unit, sanitary units, food storage, accommodation unit.Characteristics: mobile, air-condition system, modular.

Scope of Application