Heavy Load Across The Desert

CROSSMOBIL has many years of experience in transporting heavy goods over difficult terrain (building sites, off-road and cross-country desert missions). The low loader solution is enhanced by exclusive design details added by CROSSMOBIL, such as axles with air suspension, steering system and spring travel of up to 400 mm.                                                                      

CROSSMOBIL low-bed semitrailers have a successful track record in the following areas:

  • Off-road and cross-country transportation of tanks
  • Transportation of construction machinery to undeveloped sites
  • Transportation of open-cast mining machinery
  • Transportation of agricultural vehicles

Exclusive design details, developed by CROSSMOBIL, guarantees excellent driving performance in desert, unpaved roads etc. The special axle design (with air suspension) provides a spring travel up to 400 mm in total. The co-ordination of this axle construction with the steering system in combination with sand tires and a tire inflation system is based on long-term experiences of CROSSMOBIL.

The CROSSMOBIL HeavyLoadTrailer was tested from MODs and truck manufacturer and proofed to be qualified during practical operation.

Heavy Load Across The Desert