The idea

The development of a box body from the patient's point of view was the starting point for the RESCUBE. The major advantage of box body against conversion is the extra room, the greater design options and the simple integration of furniture and medical equipment.
The only existing technical base was the CROSSMOBIL TopCompositeDesign technique that represents Shelter, which for various applications in the military (box bodies, mobile command posts, radio/radar applications) as in the medical field (mobile hospitals, mobile treatment units) is used. The RESCUBE was designed considering to the DIN EN 1789, EIN 13500 and all referenced standards therein.
Creatively we wanted to take a different path as some various competitors and set thus a counterpoint, in which the work of emergency medical services and not the ems vehicle is  the center. Therefore, we gave improved ergonomics and occupational safety special higher attention.

The name

The name RESCUBE consists from rescue and cube. It should build a bridge between the emergency medical services, as well as the external form of the box.