The door concept

In addition to integrating the concept of the doors is another important pillar of the RESCUBE. The basic idea here was to reduce the required area next to the vehicle.
The side entry is represented by a construction called folding door. Know this door outward to the small footprint of a sliding door, but is based on a low-maintenance and robust three-hinge construction. The folding door is complemented by a emergency box for bags and cases, which is variable in size. Here is also a control panel for interior and exterior lighting and other.

In the rear doors, two storage boxes are integrated, which allows the storage of bulky materials and equipment such as scoop stretcher, spine board, vacuum mattress, stair chair and more.
By this construction, no outside storage is needed - in addition a interior with less nooks and crannies increases the stability of the cabin and speeds up the cleaning inside and out. Moreover, the rear step allows safe removal of equipment. An independent and open box door is possible.