The electrical system

The electrical system of the RESCUBE based on CAN bus technology, which allows a minimized and simplified cable installation and allows more opportunities in the integration of sensory (O ² supply, battery charging, etc.) and control units (light, air conditioning, etc.).
This control is achieved inter alia touch screens that provide a haptic feedback. Optionally, serve as a central information unit is a 10-inch screen, which provides statements about time, date, temperature, etc.
The interior lighting is based on LED technology. The luminous ceiling thereby ensured a very bright, but shadow and glare free illumination. In addition, the luminous ceiling generated a germicidal effect by nano coating with titanium dioxide. When air flows over the luminous ceiling, a photocatalytic reaction produces hydroxyl and oxygen radicals. These react aggressively with microorganisms and raise their molecular bonds. The nuclei decay by oxidation into harmless CO2 and H2O.

The acoustic and visible signaling equipment

As already mentioned, the acoustic and visible signaling equipment is fully integrated into the box body. Possible damage caused by branches and not the driver / rider of accurate Taking measurements are minimized. The position in the extreme corners of the box allows the best possible warning effect.
The technique here is based on LED technology, which ensured a high light output with low power consumption. The control takes place as a touch screen here.