Mobile treatment units

Mobile treatment units are versatile. There range can be roughly divided into two area’s. Firstly, the improvement of medical care in underdeveloped regions and on the other the medical service at events. However, in common of both application areas is the short standing time of a some hours to a few days, the requested high mobility of the vehicles and a comprehensive and rapid deployment calls.

Based on these requirements we implement mobile treatment units to box body or conversion vehicles whose base ranges from small vans up to off-road truck. All have in common a high mobility and a more robust and sophisticated design with practical solutions.

The displayable function ranges start at general treatment units for the supply of injuries and illnesses at events to specialist facilities such as dental, x-ray, gynecology and others.

To the mobile treatment units, we also included blood vessels, whose base ranges from vans to buses to box or trailer vehicles.
Also study units for scientific research projects and data collection are available.