The shelter

The backbone of our mobile hospitals consists of shelters that are based on the basis of our own TopCompositeDesign technology. The sandwich panles consist of a PU foam which is baked with aluminium deck sheets. These panels form a strength construction. The use of electrical power jacks allows Shelter for use by the vehicle can also be deposited without being dependent on cranes or the like.
The Shelter serves primarily as the mobile hospital treatment, examination or procedure room. Sensitive medical equipment such as X-ray and laboratory equipment are safely housed here. Similarly, the shelter provides a high standard of hygiene, which is hugely important in a weak infrastructure or weakened areas. Shelter takes in any medical course, which is for an effective supply of local needs.
The shelter further has in its embodiment an extensible one or both sides of the treatment area magnification.

The Independent Supply Unit (ISU) allows  an autonomous operation of the Mobile Hospital. The air conditioning system thereby ensures that no exchange of indoor air with outdoor air occurs.