Build up of a mobile hospital with a capacity of 20 beds.

This mobile Hospital consists of a 20-foot shelter, which provides the opportunity for examinations and operations. Further components are tents that represent the functions of triage / registration, patient ward and ICU.

The Shelter is transported by a truck that has the torsion-free super structure CROSSMOBIL MultiFreeLow which offers a higher off road capability. Electrical jacks allow loading and unloading the shelter without the help of logistics equipment. The Independent Supply Unit, which is mounted on the front of the shelter, it houses the power generator, air conditioning, fresh water and fuel tank, and allows the autonomous operation of the mobile hospital.

The tents and all other required material is transported in a separate trailer.

The CROSSMOBIL Mobile Emergency Hospitals are available in three defined variants which are ready for action and also freely configurable versions to customers request.

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