CROSSMOBIL Customer Worldwide

Our main customer are military and paramilitary organization ( ministry of defence)  as well as  ministry of health, healthcare-,  and world-aid-organization,   emergency medical service and hospitals.
We have a close and professional partnership with all important truck manufacturer

Our Chinese joint-venture company in Chongqing started their own production facilities in order to satisfy the demand of the local market.

References “Mobile Medicine”

  • Angola: Private Hospital
  • Bahrain: Ministry of Health, Salmaniya Medical Centre
  • Brunei: Oil Company BLNG, Ministry of Health
  • Bulgaria: Ministry of Defence
  • China: Guang Dong, Guangzhou
  • Ethiopia: UN Commercial, Commission for Africa
  • Ghana: Ministry of Health
  • Germany: Relief Organizations
  • India: Prime Ministries House, German Embassy, PPP Private Public Partnership
  • Project: Improvement of Emergency, Medical Service, Province Hyderabad
  • Indonesia: Ministry of Defence
  • Iraq: Red Cross Austria, HeviMed Nemsa
  • Kazakhstan: Ministry of Health
  • Kuwait: Red Crescent Society
  • Lebanon: Red Cross Suisse
  • Nigeria: State of Lagos, Oil company AGIP
  • Saudi-Arabia: Ministry of Health
  • Slovakia: International Rescue Service
  • Slovenia: Ministry of Defence
  • Taiwan: Private Hospitals
  • Thailand: King Palace Private Hospitals, Bangkok General Hospital, Tsunami Help
  • Uganda: AAR Health System,
  • United Arab Emirates: Ministry of Health, Petrochem Company,  Iranian Hospital, Maternity Hospital Fujairah
  • Vietnam: Army Hospital, Hanoi
  • Yemen: Republican Guard