CROSSMOBIL HeavyLoadTrailer

The excellent driving performance of the CROSSMOBIL HeavyLoadTrailer across the desert is the result of specific construction details developed by CROSSMOBIL. It was successfully tested from truck manufacturers and MODs for desert operation. The HeavyLoadTrailer is proven for the transport of construction machines over difficult terrain, for the transport of heavy tanks on sandy waste as well as a carrier for defence systems across the desert. The payload is up to 100 tons at 14 m bed length in accordance to customer`s requirements.

CROSSMOBIL Torsion-Free-Superstructure MultiFreeLow

CROSSMOBIL is one of the international leading manufacturers of torsion-free superstructures. The new patent protected system called MultiFreeLow provides fully torsion degree up to ± 15° without any disadvantages regarding body height or weight. It can be adapted at any length with total weight of up to 36 tons – suitable for all trucks and body types.
The CROSSMOBIL MultiFreeLow body system stands for universal mobility from regular road, driving to rough road and even off-road conditions.

CROSSMOBIL Shelter Systems TopCompositeDesign

The Shelter is more than a container. As a universal system carrier, a protective cell for sensitive equipment as well as an air-conditioned workroom, the Shelter has proved its high value in worldwide use for mobile operations and rapid deployment. The CROSSMOBIL Shelter is the most up-to-date technology on the international market characterized by a self-supporting lightweight construction. The multi-functional and modular CROSSMOBIL-Shelter is proved in Mobile Emergency Hospitals, Mobile Radar- and Radio Station, Mobile Command Post, Mobile Workshop, Laboratory, Mobile Support and Infrastructure.


Premium Quality of vehicle, box-body or conversion and equipment is the characteristic of the advanced Emergency Ambulances and Mobile Intensive Care Units.
The new Emergency Box Ambulance named RESCUBE meets the highest requirements of patient comfort and safety, hygiene as well as ergononomics for medical personell.

CROSSMOBIL Emergency Hospitals

Whether major events, natural and natural disasters, humanitarian operations or medical service at armed forces, the CROSSMOBIL Emergency Hospitals provide the appropriate solutions for your need..