Highly Effective: Torsion Degree, Platform Height and Weight


The CROSSMOBIL MultiFreeLow-Superstructure is qualified for all vehicles driving occasionally or mainly off-road or tracks due to its universal mobility attributes.

It enables all axle torsion of up to +/- 15 ° and simultaneous a platform height not more than a conventional body. This fact together with low weight and long working life gives the MultiFreeLow-Superstructure a unique and leading position. The design is protected by patent.
The MultiFreeLow-System can be designed at any length with total weight of up to 36 tons.

Modular Construction System

There are clear technical points of intersections between vehicles chassis, auxiliary frame and superstructure based on identical construction elements.
The MultiFreeLow-System was tested by manufacturer and proofed to be qualified during practical operation.

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